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Who We Are

The Westchester MLK Institute for Nonviolence has been engaged in the work of nonviolence since 1988. Inspired by Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement, we facilitate nonviolent action for social justice and we learn and teach nonviolence as a way of life.


We create safe spaces in our communities that empower youth and adults, and support inclusiveness, courage and peace. Through collaborative relationships, we advocate for justice, equity and shared power for all. Our work increases awareness about violence in our communities and the power of using nonviolent alternatives.


We convene the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform and the Interfaith Connection


The MLK Freedom Library is a free lending library of books that focus on the Civil Rights Movement, nonviolence, African-American history and more. The Library is at the Slater Center, 2 Fisher Court, White Plains, NY 10605. The library hours are: Monday through, 3-6pm; and Friday, 11am-2pm.

Ending Violence, Building Hope. Every February, we work with youth and young adults to creative alternatives to violence and learn how to live nonviolently.


Celebration of Champions. Every Spring, we throw a big party to celebrate the work of community organizers and social justice advocates among us.

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