November 25, 2014

Dear Friend,
Our programs have been strong and focused this year. We request your support to carry on our commitment to educating young people and adults and advocating for nonviolence. You can help us engage the community and move forward with projects like our most recent ones:

·  October 9: Our Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Library collaborated with the Thomas H. Slater Center to present the Schomburg Center’s Executive Director, Dr. Khalil Muhammad, speaking about his remarkable book The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern America 2014. See the enclosed flyer for more information about our free lending library, with resources and programs for the public.

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Next Meeting:
Thursday, February 12, 2015
6:30-8:00 PM

Memorial United Methodist Church
250 Bryant Avenue, White Plains, NY 10605

WCPR meets the 2nd Thursday of each month.
We are concerned community organizations, religious institutions and individuals who share a vision to help build safe communities, with improved community-police relations and greater police accountability and transparency.
This coalition is working for:

* Increased trust and better relationships between police and communities, especially communities of color
* Independent oversight of police departments in Westchester and beyond
* Justice for Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. and too many others
* Transparency in police policies and practices

Download the flyer ...
See the video about the WCPR Press Conference

Who We Are

Founded in 1987, the Westchester Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for Nonviolence supports the larger movement for social justice by creating safe spaces for people to think and talk about violence, nonviolence and reconciliation, with the goal of changing the way power and resources are distributed in our society.

With Dr. King’s vision, principles, and activism as a foundation, we educate youth and adults about the power of nonviolent social action as a means to building effective communities.

Mission Statement

The Westchester Martin Luther King, Jr. Institute for Nonviolence promotes and facilitates among residents of Westchester County, the attitudes, skills and strategies of nonviolence as an approach to positive social change and the resolution of social conflict.

Further, it educates local communities on the relevance of Dr. King's teaching for today's struggles for social justice and racial understanding.


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