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WCPR Press Conference, January 2014
Premise of Press Conference and demands of WCPR

WCPR believes that the following reforms will bring much needed transparency and accountability to law enforcement, supplying officers with the training and structure to perform their jobs more safely and effectively, while building trust with communities throughout the county:


  • Establish independent oversight structures with subpoena power in order to review the policies and practices of law enforcement agencies, to investigate cases of police misconduct, and to impose sanctions.

  • Implement clear and current protocols within all police departments addressing the use of force continuum and proper handling of emotionally troubled individuals, with an emphasis on deescalating confrontations without resorting to violence.

  • Make available to the public the rules and regulations of all police agencies.

  • Review and reform the training program of the Westchester Police Academy, with particular focus on proper means to deescalate situations through non-violent methods.

  • Centralize in-service police training to encourage sharing of best practices and reduce financial costs.

  • Increase outreach efforts to recruit from a diverse officer applicant pool, so that police departments more accurately reflect the communities they serve.

  • Reassess promotion policy in order to advance more African-American and Latino officers into positions of leadership.

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