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Remembering Emma Macafity


Emma J. Macafity was a beloved member of the MLK Institute for Nonviolence community.She brought her open and loving presence wherever she went. She was full of deep spirituality and unafraid to share her whole self with us. Emma was a frequent participant at our Beloved Community Dinners and MLK Institute events. She was inspired by our dinner dialogues to begin writing a play for young people.

Emma passed away peacefully in her sleep on August 8, 2018. Though we will miss her, wewill forever hold her memory in our hearts. Her family shared her poem at her memorialservice on August 20, 2018:

“Some Mother’s Child”

By Emma J. Macafity

Some mother’s child, my Grandma would say

Of the folks who passed our way

People who were called bums, wino and dirty whore

Souls who sought refuge inside of the hallway door

Branded, burned, scorched by shame

Guilt was their address, pain their middle name

Walked with Grandma, was just a little tot

My eyes were full, my head held an awful lot

Grandma taught me to see

One of these folks could have been me

She said takes more than books to be smart

God made us all, He gave us a Soul, Spirit and a Heart.

Grandma taught me how to live

Whether in the North or the South

She said, I owed the time of day to all that we would meet

Hold my head up high, dressed in a smile, don’t ever drag my feet!

There were days when we were at the table

Grandma hummed a song about how much God was able

Under her breath, she would look at the window and sigh

The tears would meet under her chin and welled up in her eyes I would sit and wonder what that was all about

Learned that she lived in a world where secrets crawled into hide

Hidden places where ego and pride quickly died

People of the Universe, listen here

This should be a world where we all care!

Don’t be so quick to judge, it’s easy to be hard!

Remember you could be guilty of some hidden charge,

Don’t you ever play God!

We have to work on being whole

Do the fine-tuning on body, spirit and soul!

Seek truth it will capture and find you

Merely existing and not truly living will never do

Life can be so worthwhile

Always remember though

You are simply Some Mother’s Child!

Emma J. Macafity and Julie Carran, 2012

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